SmyleSafe is a web filtering and parental control app. Allow good content in while keeping bad content out. Block inappropriate websites by age-group or category. Set Internet time limits and block apps.

SmyleSafe provides a safe, secure and protective digital playground to learn and explore things. So even if you are constantly on the go, your kids with smartphones, tablets and computers are never away from your eyes. You can monitor and filter every activity that they carry out online.

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"For the peace of mind that the title gives both you and your child, you’ll prevent your child some future therapy."

Luke Patrick, TheiPhoneAppReview

Net Orbit

Do you need to know what others are doing on your employee or student network? Net Orbit is a monitoring program placed on each computer of your Windows network. View multiple screens in real time, log activities and completely control any user's PC - all from your own workstation! Net Orbit is the latest in employee and student network monitoring software. Our software is used by network administrators spanning a wide range of network types. Almost any type of network can benefit from this tool.

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"Your own workers could be wasting work time on the computer and you wouldn’t know it. Net Orbit gives you the ability to see all their screens at one time so you can silently and instantly uncover the slackers.”"

Craig Thompson, RXS

MobileSync Pro

Want to switch to another mobile but concerned about safely moving your data across? Break the shackles and fear no more for the data you thought enslaved in your current mobile phone; you can now switch to the mobile phone of your dreams with ease and confidence using MobileSync Pro.

Own different mobiles and want to keep them all in Sync? Then this is a tool you can’t be without! The feature packed MobileSync Pro is not just a powerful Sync Software, since its unique 4-in-1 capability also allows you to Share data with other users, backup data and protect your data when the mobile is lost or stolen.

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"It’s a pretty intriguing idea. Take the example of a mobile salesperson who could share his schedule remotely with people at the home office."

Charles King, Pund-IT Inc

Kiss Or Kick

KissOrKick is a photo sharing and rating application for Windows Phone. KissOrKick lets you and your friends like or dislike each others pictures in a fun way. Upload a photo of yourself or anyone for that matter and see how many people kiss or kick it.

Boat Mania

Boat Mania is a boat game for iOS devices. Players have to land their boats in varied levels to compete and challenge the high score.The game has difficult and easy mode.

My Photos Converter

MyPhotosConverter is a photo management tool. The tool allows users to quickly create PDFs, PNG, JPEG or ZIP files, download, and email photos. User can edit photos and resize, rotate or scale selected photos before converting them.


Tank-O-Mania is an action shooter tank game for iPhone. The player has to clear off all obstacles in the international warfare operation and challenge and competes with high score. This strategically designed game has 24 levels, 30+ enemy categories, many mixed weapon shots and power ups.